Showers Brisbane

Showers Brisbane

Prominade Builder are the shower experts in Brisbane, QLD. We have been helping our clients install new showers into their homes for a number of years and have access to leading brands of shower screens, shower basins, shower heads and rails and hardware and fittings. Installing a new shower requires specialised skills and the team at Prominade have been doing it for years. Whether you are wanting to update your bathroom with a new shower screen or are wanting to do an entire bathroom renovation then we can help.

Shower Installation

Installing a shower is a brilliant way to modernise and update your bathroom. By making the most of the modern designs, options and materials you can ensure that your shower is a striking feature in your bathroom as well as being a functional part of your home’s bathroom. Installing showers can be tricky as there is a high risks of damaging water proofing when removing existing fixtures, tiles and fittings. If you are thinking about installing a new shower, give our friendly customer service team a call to find out more about your options as well as get an understanding on costs.

Shower Screens

Prominade can help you choose the right shower screen for your bathroom renovation. We have a wide range of options when it comes to shower screens including:

And more. We can source any type of shower screen to suit your needs and are experts in quick and cost-effective installation, water proofing and finishing. Your shower screen can be a focal point in your bathroom and completely change the look and feel of the space. Updating your shower screen is also a cost-effective way to increase the value of your home by updating your bathroom with more modern fittings.

Shower Bases

At Prominade, we strive to create the ideal showerspace in every bathroom we do.

All of our bathrooms and showerbases are fully waterproofed and tiled. We also give you a 7 year written warranty guarantee for those works done at your home.

Other types of shower bases includes:-
  • Acrylic Shower Bases

    molded shower bases that are durable, easy to maintain and come in a range of colours, sizes and styles

  • Composite Shower Bases

    Provide a modern option with a wide range of coatings and finishes. Very durable, easy to clean and long lasting

  • Fiberglass Shower Bases

    Generally a cheaper option for the budget conscious

Shower Heads and Rails

Updating your shower heads and rails can have many benefits. Not only is it an opportunity to modernise the look and feel of your bathroom, but modern shower heads are more water efficient and lead to lower costs long term.

There is a huge number of options when it comes to shower heads, rails and tap mixers and the team at Prominade are ready to help find the right one for you.

Our Process

When it comes to removing and reinstalling showers, our team have a proven track record in minimising the disruption to you and your family and helping you choose the right shower screens, showers bases and shower heads and rails.
  • Existing Shower
  • Water
  • Tile Repair and
  • Shower
  • Hardware

Our team can safely and professionally remove any existing shower screen in your home paying special attention to minimising any damage that may be caused to surrounding tiles. We can also arrange to safely dispose of your old shower screen.

Our team of expert water proofers will re-seal any area that has been affected by the removal of your shower screen, taps, showerhead and rails and ensure that the areas of prepped correctly for re-installation. Our water proofing experts are all licensed and accredited and ensure that the work they carry out for our clients is of the highest standard.

Our expert tilers will remove and repair any damaged tiles. We can also assist with finding matching tiles for your existing design, or if not possible advise on new tiles to complete the look of your bathroom. Our tilers have been working with Brisbane clients for many years and pay special attention to detail to ensure that your finished tiling work exceeds your expectations.

Once the old shower screen and hardware has been removed, the area has been professionally waterproofed and tiles are repaired, our renovation team will install your new shower screen to manufacturer specifications. We will also reseal the shower screen to ensure that it doesn’t leak and test the shower area thoroughly before completing the job.

We can refit and replace your shower heads, taps, mixers and other hardware in line with manufacturers specifications and leading practice in plumbing. New hardware is a great way to modernise your bathroom and make the most of current trends and modern products. If you are thinking about updating your bathroom taps or hardware, then give our friendly team a call and we can provide some outstanding advice.

Interested in a Quote?

If you are interested in learning more about updating your shower or hardware and accessories, then we are here to help. Our expert plumbers, carpenters, builders and water proofers have been working together to help make our clients visions for their bathroom a reality. Whether you are wanting to carry out a small update, such as replacing your old taps and hardware for something more modern, are wanting to renovate an existing shower or bathroom, or install a new shower into any indoor or outdoor area then the team at Prominade are here to help.

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