What's new in modern kitchen designs?

The once modest family kitchen has undergone somewhat of a transformation in the past few decades. No longer is it simply a place where you go to cook in isolation—it's now a multi-purpose space and social hub of the house. And modern kitchen designs are changing to reflect this.

Along with the changing mentality about how people want to use their kitchen, modern kitchen designs now feature added functionality and integrated technology.

What's new in modern kitchen designs 1

How are modern kitchen designs changing?

Trends are a big part of how the modern kitchen is changing. At the moment people are turning away from things like:

  • glass splashbacks
  • aluminium kicks
  • stainless steel (appliances, sinks, tapware, handles, etc.)
  • island benchtops with waterfall edges.

Black has become a popular replacement for stainless steel tapware, cupboards and appliances.

But trends aren’t everything. The key is choosing a design that works best for you.

How can you make your kitchen a social space?

Increasingly, people like to gather near the kitchen to catch up on their day, share a drink, and converse with the person cooking dinner.

When choosing a modern kitchen design for your house, think about how you can make it an inviting space that people with gravitate to. The kitchen isn’t just about cooking anymore—it has become a living space. And a social kitchen is a fun kitchen.

How can you integrate technology?

Technology is so much a part of our daily lives now, and it has even found its place in many modern kitchen designs. It’s a good idea to plan out your kitchen so that you can take full advantage of any technology or smart appliances you could integrate into your kitchen.

For example:

  • smart coffee machines
  • smart fridges
  • smart ovens
  • charging stations for smartphones and tablets.  
What's new in modern kitchen designs 2

How to choose a design that works for you

It’s easy to do a few Google searches and become mesmerised by the sparkling array of modern kitchen designs on offer. But it’s important to choose a design that not only looks good but suits the current style, functionality and flow of your house.

A particular design might be a perfect fit for your neighbour’s house, but could be like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole in your house. When you’re looking at modern kitchen designs, think about your own house and kitchen in terms of:

  • how much space you have
  • colour schemes
  • era and style
  • what your priorities are for a new kitchen (e.g. space, openness, the look, appliances).

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