Small Bathroom Ideas

Those big, luxurious bathrooms are a great escape from everyday life. What is better than relaxing in your huge tub and then lounging around in your robe enjoying the steam? However, not everyone is lucky enough to have this kind of space to devote to bathing. Luckily, even a small bathroom can become a great place to relax, if you make a few simple changes.

Idea One: Declutter

The most important tip for making the most of the space you have, is to do away with unnecessary clutter. Those knickknacks sitting around make your bathroom feel smaller. Storage is an issue in many bathrooms, and you may wind up with extra shampoo, soap or other toiletries taking up space. Consider creating storage space under the sink or in a closet so that these items do not add to the closed-in feeling of a small bathroom.

Idea Two: Colour Scheme

The colours you choose to decorate your bathroom have a major impact on how big the room feels. As a rule, light colours make a room appear bigger while dark colours make it feel smaller. Prints and designs on the wall can make a difference too. Often if you have one colour or design on the top half of the wall and another on the bottom, it makes the room feel bigger.

Idea Three: Mirrors and Windows

Mirrors and windows are a decorator’s trick to make a room look bigger. While you often have to use care with your choice of windows in a bathroom, the addition of a large window helps. Large mirrors reflect light and space, and they are very useful from a practicality standpoint too.

Idea Four: Sinks and Showers

If you are considering a new shower, hobless showers (those that are flush with the floor instead of one that must be stepped into) make the room feel unified instead of segmented. Choosing the right shower makes a dramatic difference. For sinks, often one on a pedestal, or attached directly to the wall, adds to the openness of the room. A sink with a full vanity takes up more space. However, when you choose one without a vanity, you do sacrifice storage.

Benefits of a Smaller Bathroom

If you make some changes and get the most out of your small bathroom, you may find that you no longer envy those with huge master baths. The one benefit to a smaller bathroom is that it is easier to keep clean. Whatever size bathroom you have, if you design it to appeal to you, it can still feel like an oasis and allow you to escape from the stresses in your life.

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