Modern Bathroom Renovation

If you are considering a bathroom renovation project, you have likely thought more about the practical aspects you want to change than the design aspects. While choosing the right tub and vanity are very important, remember that you spend a lot of time each day in your bathroom, so it should be pleasing to the eye as well. A modern look for your bathroom is one option that is especially popular right now. Consider these modern bathroom ideas during your renovation project and get ready for a big change.

Minimise clutter with storage options

The most important thing to keep in mind when designing a modern bathroom is that this style emphasises a sleek, streamlined look. If you are going for the modern styling, you will want to have as little clutter and extras laying around as possible. Because of this, storage is important. A simple metal or glass shelving unit or cabinet can be a great way to organize, though the addition of a closet or bathroom pantry is usually even better.

Find the right materials

Choosing the right materials for cabinetry, shelving and décor is important too. Glass, tile, metal and dark wood are all good choices when you start looking at these items. Sharp, clean lines give off that modern look, and should be utilised when possible.

Consider all of your design options

Choosing the right shower screens, shower floors, and bathtub is an important consideration no matter what style you are trying to achieve. At first, you may think a free standing tub is a more traditional piece; however, depending on the styling they can be a great addition to the modern bathroom.

Balance style with practicality

Wall-hung sinks and toilets clear floor space, which add to the modern look. However, in the case of the sink, you give up valuable vanity and under-sink storage space, so make certain this is a sacrifice you are willing to make. Some large double vanity options, especially with a glass or marble countertop, can work in a modern bathroom too.

Remember to pay attention to detail

Finally, do not forget about hardware, fixtures and feature tiles. Choosing a modern look means that you can utilise some of the offbeat faucet and knob styles that are popular now. This small addition can be the change that brings your bathroom together and completes the modern look.

Why is this important?

Choosing a distinct style for your bathroom will not only add to your enjoyment of the room, it can add value to your home when you get ready to sell it. A modern bathroom is something that many people have on their “want” list for buying a new home. This home improvement project may pay off for years to come.

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