Kitchen colour schemes

Prominade have years of experience working with latest and greatest kitchen colour schemes, as well as classic kitchen looks.

Choosing the right colours for your kitchen can be the difference between making it an inviting space that you enjoy spending time in, or one that sets you on edge and makes you want to go to another room.

As the kitchen is now a primary meeting place in most houses, it’s important to get your kitchen colour scheme right. If matching colours isn’t really your forte, or if you’re not sure what colour scheme will best suit your kitchen, Prominade can help you make the right choices.

Elements of kitchen colour schemes

Before choosing a colour scheme for your kitchen, consider all the major elements and how they will contribute to the overall look. And remember, your kitchen colour scheme should also blend in with the rest of your house.

Kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets usually take up around half of the flat surfaces in your kitchen, so they’re a good place to start when choosing colours.

Kitchen benches

Benches also take up a lot of space in kitchens, and they’re something you look at often, so getting this colour right can go a long way to making the overall scheme work. The bench colour should also compliment the cabinet colour.

Kitchen floor

When people think about the colour scheme of their kitchen, many forget about the floors.  You may not look at the floors as often as cabinets and benches, but they occupy a large space. The floor should also compliment other rooms in the house.

Kitchen walls and backsplash

There’s not usually much wall-space in kitchens due to cupboards and appliances, but the walls and backsplash are important elements that can really set off the rest of the kitchen.

Kitchen appliances and hardware

These days, kitchen appliances like kettles and toasters are available in a variety of colours. Gone are the days of everything being white. You can choose colours to blend in or stand out as features, depending on your taste.

Kitchen hardware, such as taps and handles, are another important element in the overall look of a kitchen colour scheme.

kitchen colour schemes

Classic kitchen colour schemes

Some people find choosing a kitchen colour scheme overwhelming, so they just pick something they saw in a magazine or on TV. A super-trendy colour scheme can make your kitchen look more like a hip café, which can be great for a while, but be careful not to choose something that is going to date very quickly.

Classic kitchen colour schemes need not be tired and daggy, there are many that convey a sense of class and luxury, and feel modern and homely.

Examples of classic kitchen colour schemes include:

  • black, white and grey
  • navy and cream
  • white, white and more white
  • French-style grey
  • white with timber
  • natural (sand and stone tones, etc.).

Of course, there are many other kitchen colour schemes, and many people prefer to create their own. Whatever your choice, Prominade can help bring your kitchen colour scheme to life.

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