How to Waterproof a Bathroom

Waterproofing your bathroom can be one of the best things you can do to protect the value and structure of your home. It’s surprising how much damage an unexpected bathroom leak can cause. Bathrooms are very wet spaces anyway, but you need to make sure the water does not leak through walls or floors and cause mould or other damage.  To avoid these leaks, you need to take steps to waterproof your bathroom. This can include the walls, floor, fixtures and ceiling.

Here at Prominade we make sure all our bathroom renovations are waterproofed.


Behind your walls is the perfect breeding ground for mould, mildew and other dangerous organisms. Applying a moisture barrier behind the finished wall is the best way to prevent water from reaching the actual material of the wall. The wall surface itself matters too—choose wall board that is rated for use in moist environments. Also, sealing your walls with good caulking keeps out additional water. Using tile anywhere you can makes it easier to keep water out of the walls as it wipes down so easily.


The key to waterproofing your floors is choosing the right type of surface. While vinyl floors are affordable, they provide a way for water to seep into the floor and cause damage. In fact, water can rot your floorboards and cause damage that destroys the level below too. Tile is a good choice for keeping water from seeping through to the underfloor. Reseal your grout regularly; annually is best. Water can get into and behind grout, so clean those areas out well when you remove that old caulk and reseal.


Make sure your fixtures are all installed tightly and not leaking. The shower head is one place that leaks often occur, and you can normally fix this with some tightening or a new washer. We can help you to fix a leaking shower or do your shower waterproofing.


Check the seal around the toilet and the ground to make sure it is not leaking or wet. This can be caulked just like your tiles and the edges.


Do not forget the sink! A slow leak under the sink is often the cause of mildew or major damage to the floor and under sink areas.


One final consideration when you are waterproofing your bathroom is the ceiling. Check for cracks that need to be repaired as they can collect steam from a hot shower. Finally, choose a waterproof base coat before any paint job on your ceiling. This will protect the structure and keep your paint job looking nice too.

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