Bathroom Design - Tips for your Dream Bathroom

Your bathroom can be a place you go to get clean or it can be a relaxing escape from life for just a little while. Many of us love soaking in a hot bath on a cold night or relaxing under the hot stream of a shower. Some of us need to close our eyes to truly relax as the bathroom decor leaves a lot to be desired.

Creating Your Dream Bathroom Design

So what is most important to you in a bathroom? Do you need it to actually have a bath? Is it the colours, the style or the space. How would you ideally like your bathroom to look? Maximising the use of space is really important to most people, but how this is maximised can vary depending on your needs.

1. Twin Bathroom Vanties so two people can use them at once. They can add a touch of style and elegance to any bathroom. The shower is over bath in order to save space. Extra hidden storage space is located behind the mirror and in the large tallboy cupboard.

2. Maybe you prefer a larger shower with storage in the large shower niche

3. How about more of an open feel

Bathroom Design Renovation

Maybe you want to renovate your bathroom in order to add value to your home and get the best price when selling. We also renovate laundries, ensuites and shower rooms. Adding an extra shower area can add thousands to the value of your home.

Choosing a bathroom specialist

By choosing a bathroom specialist you let us worry about meeting the Australian Standards, getting licensed trades people and sourcing your fixtures and fittings. A bathroom can be the trickiest to renovate in an effective way. That’s why a bathroom specialist is important if you want to make the most out of the space available.

Bathroom Design Service

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At Prominade we come to you for a free consultation. We listen and record your needs and wants.  We then  introduce your style, design and specific tastes into our design process to give you the exact results you are after.

Contact us today by email or call 0417729839 to discus options for your bathroom renovation.