Queenslander House Renovations

As a local builder we have seen our fair share of Queenslander house renovations—some good, some great and others downright disastrous. The relatively simple construction of the Queenslander house makes it quite tempting for DIY renovators to 'have a go'. With a bit of experience and a few tips, Queenslander house renovations can go as planned, and the DIY renovator can enjoy an improved home.  We thought we could look at 2 areas in your Queenslander that may require special attention: your bathroom and kitchen.

The Bathroom

In Queenslanders, the bathroom tends to be one of the most difficult places for the DIY renovator to overcome. There are a few key areas that can trip people up:

Removing current tiles

Many DIY renovators don’t consider that tiles in an older style bathroom may contain a variety of nasty chemicals that, if inhaled, could cause serious problems. Some Queenslanders built up until the late 1970s have tile adhesive that contains asbestos. This nasty material is known to be toxic and should be managed by a specialist.


This is a really important step when installing a bathroom, as waterproofing will protect the structure of your Queenslander long after you have installed your finished bathroom. Unfortunately, poorly installed waterproofing may not be evident for many years, at which point permanent damage may have already occurred. It is not uncommon to see timber floorboards become waterlogged and begin to rot, especially in areas surrounding and directly underneath bathrooms.


Tiling is probably one of the more difficult jobs for DIY Renovators; a poorly laid tile floor is not only permanent, it can be extremely expensive to replace. It’s important to note that using larger tiles is not a guarantee that the job will be easier, nor are smaller tiles more difficult to use. The most important thing with tiling is to plan for the tile design and know exactly where tiles are going, before you lay them down.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most prized areas in a Queenslander. This probably has something to do with our love of food and the time we spend in the kitchen, entertaining guests.

The Deck

Most Queenslanders have a deck attached to their kitchen area—which makes perfect sense for flow, given the deck is where a lot of entertaining occurs. One way to make your kitchen renovation great is to consider opening the entire kitchen up to the deck, with the use of French/folding doors. This allows for easy passage of food and plates through to the deck. But more importantly means that while you play host you can still interact with guests, and not be locked away in a kitchen cooking all on your own.

Flat Pack or Custom Designed

The problem with off-the-shelf flat pack kitchens is that they are not custom fit for the dimensions of your Queenslander and, as a result, can be awkward to install and sometimes will not fit. Flat pack kitchens can be quite difficult to install, and making sure they are installed accurately is integral to getting the final finish you're after. A custom kitchen design may cost more money upfront, but in the long run you will have a kitchen that is a perfect fit and, more importantly, one of a kind; no one wants to invest time and money into a Queenslander house renovation, only to have a neighbour say,  'Mine’s exactly the same!'

Plumbing & Electrical

It's really important that trained professionals complete the dangerous professional work, such as plumbers and electricians. While many people will search the internet for ways to do their own electrical or plumbing work, to ensure everyone’s safety, these jobs should only be completed by a professional.

Many people really like to have a go at renovating their home—some actually do it for fun and feel like they have contributed to improving their home. This is especially true for Queenslander house renovations. However, there are a few things that should be considered before undergoing any project and a few things that should be left to the professionals.

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