About Prominade

Your Home, Bathroom & Kitchen Renovation Specialists


At Prominade, quality is our top priority.  It is vital for us to focus on quality so we can incorporate your ideas and concerns into our design process, giving you the results you desire.

Our quality is important to us at every level we operate. It starts immediately and continues after your job is completed.  We pride ourselves on after-sales service.  We understand our work will bedisplayed in your home for the next 30 years or more and want you, your family and friends to enjoy it.  Our quality ensures you will be happy to let us back into your home to do other work in years to come. It also ensures many referrals.


Some companies will deliberately quote you a cheaper price only to add on extra, unfair costs along the way….  We outline all our proposals and quotes in a simple and easy to understand way, with time frames and guarantees.  We have no hidden extra costs.  We are truly competitive with our prices, and will match or better any other written quotes you get.


At Prominade, we pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service—which is rarely seen these days.  We are a family-owned business who are always willing and happy to help.  We also provide a same-day response guarantee (every business day).

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Some companies will charge extra for ‘style’, selling you outdated trends or ideas of their own. You fail to get what you want and feel disappointed.

At Prominade, we come to you for a free consultation. We listen and record your needs and wants.  We then introduce your style, design and specific tastes into our design process to give you the exact results you are after.


There’s nothing worse than dealing with a company that fails to pay attention to your needs and what you really want.  They promise you the earth and then push you into rushed decisions.  They allow different subcontractors they hardly know into your home, day in day out, to do the work for them, then charge you extra for the privilege of worrying about how your job is progressing.  When you call them you always speak to someone different.

At Prominade, we understand good subcontractors are hard to find and even harder to deal with.  So you can enjoy dealing directly with John (the owner of Prominade Pty Ltd) every day.  He’s a licensed carpenter and water proffer with years of experience.  John is on the job everyday working with you, talking and listening to your needs.  This daily communication happens whether you are at work or away on holidays, giving you the ultimate choice in any decisions. This ensures premium quality-control and delivery of exactly what you want, on time and on budget, guaranteed every time.


We never second-guess any of the work we undertake.  From the moment you engage our service you will feel happy knowing that we are all QBCC licensed trades people, experts in our chosen trades and scope of works.

We are trendsetters in the industry, keeping up to date with any changes to legislation from QBCC, the Building Codes of Australia and Australia Standards.  We also attend numerous seminars and presentations to keep ahead of product changes, material defects or improvements coming into the market.  This ensures we have the most up-to-date experience, year in year out.


Professionalism from other businesses fades away the moment they win your business.  They prance into your home selling flashy deals and making big promises. They have no personal interest in achieving a quality outcome for you.  

Professionalism from Prominade is genuine.  We are proud to say it and you deserve it.  Being a family-owned business, we are personally involved with every job we do.  We undertake long-term relationships with our clients.  We take the view that once we’ve completed your job, that’s when it all starts.  By having this outlook we enjoy many happy referral clients year after year.